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ORTODOXY GIN Is based on the formula of Dario Parra, former president of the company, and lover of gin. After his many extended visits to the UK and of course, enjoying what was for him God’s drink, he returned to Colombia determined to create a Colombian Gin. Back home he studied several formulas, based on his experience and finally create Ortodoxy Gin. For years the Ortodoxy was produced only for his own personal consumption, never dreaming that his invention could one day become an internationally sold gin. The formula of berries, botanicals, peels, roots and spices gives the Ortodoxy gin a unique taste profile.

In the glass, Ortodoxy Gin is full of light and body, proof of its quality and clarity. 

On the nose it displays a balance of the bitterness of the roots, the freshness of the botanicals, the sweet and sour of berries and peels, and the warmth of the spices. The initial aroma is of the juniper and the angelica combined with mint, lemon and pepper. The secondary aromas of cinnamon, blueberry and ginger merge to create a classic dry gin. 

In the mouth it is flavorful and smooth, along with the astringency, sweet and sour of classic gin. At 43% alcohol, this gin mixes well with a wide range of tonics. Tonic plus a slice of lemon and you can enjoy the best classic, or Ortodoxy!


DICTADOR MAGNO COFFEE - Highly pronounced sweet and fruity fragrance. Pronounced sweet aroma with subtle notes of chocolate and roasted hazelnuts. Shows an optimum balance between acidity and bitterness. It’s creamy and sweet with an almond nut aftertaste. CAFÉ DICTADOR is the result of the harmony between the fruits of 3 diverse Colombian coffee regions. Meeting the attributes brought from its ground, weather and altitude, and the passion of hundreds of farmers who work on it. This, added to an independent roasting process for each origin developed to highlight its best attributes, makes of CAFÉ DICTADOR something unique.

  • Hand picked up red coffee cherries.
  • Best Colombia Supremo Excelso 100% Arabica.
  • Fermentation up to 14 hours to achieve amazing sweetness and fruitiness in coffee cup.
  • From harvest to roasted coffee packing – not more then 10 days.
  • Dictador coffee confirmed as SPECIALITY.
Cauca1.850 metersSweet and floral
Santander1.114 metersBitter Chocolate
Risaralda1.600 metersSweet and fruity

Data sheet

Alcohol Content43 %
Product Dimensions250 x 100 x 60

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